The mission of the Faculty of Social Economic Sciences and Management of Institut Catholique de Kabgayi is embedded in its general mission to advance and promote knowledge and development of skills in professionalism and innovativeness through education of quality, research and community services for transformation of society and sustainable development.

The main specific objectives are:

Train people who are able to analyze and study the transformation that affect human society everywhere in the world, especially the development of the continent and the country;

  • Provide students with knowledge about new technological and scientific revolution, modifications of economic, social, cultural, demographic and political structures.
The objectives are achieved through the following departments: 
  1. Department of sociology which gives people knowledge, skills and competencies to work  in domains like rural and urban planning, management of  institutions offering social and psychological help  to individuals of any kind  like victims of violence, child abuse, people living with disability, drug rehabilitation, juvenile delinquency. Owners of a bachelor degree in sociology can work as leaders at different levels of local Government (SEDO, Good Governance, social affairs..)  In addition owners of a bachelor degree in sociology can be involved in research and consultancy activities related to elaboration, evaluation of public policy, welfare policy, impact assessment and related fields.

  2. Department of Management which gives people knowledge, skills and competencies to work as   Business adviser; Business analyst; Business development manager; Chartered management accountant; Data analyst; Data scientist.

Under this programme of Management,we have options of:

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance

  3. Department of economics which gives people knowledge, skills and competencies to work as Accountant; Bookkeeper; Budget analyst; policy analyst,  Compensation and benefits manager; Credit analyst; Financial analyst. Moreover of can work as Market research analyst, Economic consultant.