Undergraduate Programs


In order to satisfy the labor market, in 2013, throughout the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, the Institut Catholique de Kabgayi started teaching Public Relations (PR) as the second department of this faculty.

Amazingly, this faculty has become one of the success stories, our journalism alumni work for various local and international media outlets (as broadcast, both print and online media outlets). Moreover, our PR graduates work for private companies as PR officers or communication officers.

            Thanks to our Radio, newspaper and TV studio labs and strong internship programs, our students graduate with hands-on experiences allowing them to start working for Radio, TV as well as newspapers.


The Department of Public Relations trains graduates with knowledge, skills and competencies to work as Advisor of an institution, Media relation officer,       advertising officer, Internal communication officer, PR activities auditor, Event professionals, Public  Relations professionals, Senior communications   associate,    Communication professionals,         Marketing professionals, Head of public relations events, Marketing coordinator, Fund raising assistant/director, Newsletter/Magazine editor, Corporate communication officer, etc.