Undergraduate Programs


 The Institut Catholique de Kabgayi (ICK) launched the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies in 2002. It is also an accredited program by Rwanda Ministry of Education. More importantly, it is the first founded program of its kind launched by a local privately owned institution of higher of learning.

After the 1994-Genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda had a great need of experts in journalism and Communication sector, especially the local reporters who would report and help to install democracy as well as facilitating the process of reconciliation. Therefore, the Institut Catholique de Kabgayi launched this undergraduate program in order to train the local future reporters who could work for the local media outlets. We focus on just journalism. Our finalist students take beat reporting classes such as covering public health and environmental issues, sports journalism and investigative journalism.


The Department of Journalism trains graduates with knowledge, skills and competencies to work as TV and Radio reporters, Editorial assistant, Magazine producers, Newspaper journalists, Online newspaper journalists, Sport and entertainment journalists, News Editors, Copy editors, News    Agency correspondents,  Journalistic documentary producers, Programme Producers, Photojournalist, TV Cameramen, etc.