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On 10th March, 2013, the former students of ICK launched an association called "ICK Alumni Organization".


This organization is a platform and a network of ICK Alumni determined to contribute to the development of their institution. ICK Alumni intend to be connected in order to exchange professional experiences as well as other information for the development of each of them and of the society as a whole.

Up to day, ICK has awarded 2,002 laureates with Bachelor's Degrees since it opened its doors to the public in October 2002.


ICK Alumni Organization is composed of duly registered members and honorary members; duly registered members are all founder members who signed the statute and all ICK alumni who will adhere to it.


Honorary members are all those called so by the General Assembly depending on a special service they have rendered to the organization.

The membership right terminates by death of the member, voluntary withdraw, expulsion and by the dissolution of the organisation.


ICK Alumni Organization has about 150 registered members.

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